Infants - 4 months - 12 months

Our infant room provides care for babies from four to twelve months. All of the infants are cared for in a loving atmosphere. Playpens, high chairs, swings, and infant seats are all provided by the center.

Playpens are used for napping only, NEVER PLAYING.

The infants schedule is based on their own individual needs. They are fed and put down for naps according to their schedules at home. As infants get closer to their move into the toddler room, they will start adapting more to the toddler schedule, so the transition will be smoother. Daily routines such as feeding and diapering are used as opportunities for interaction and nurturing.

Many toys and manipulatives are available to facilitate age appropriate growth and the staff works with each child to monitor the achievement of the proper developmental milestones.

Initially, the babies enjoy being held, rocked, sung to and played with. Once infants are old enough, they begin to participate in musical activities and simple games. Our staff works very diligently to keep the babies safe, healthy, and happy during this critical first year.

Learning B's accepts infants and toddlers ages 4 months and older.

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